WordPress vs Blogger

Wordpress verses Blogger

When it comes to Web 2.0 there here are some of the big ones.

  •  Blogger
  • WordPress.com
  • Weebly
  • Webs

I think this is such a good thing. Both platforms offer free hosting and CMS for those that want to start blogging.


WordPress.com  advantages:

  • WP has a much cleaner and efficient code and loads faster
  • Has many different templates and plugins.
  • Templates look like real websites not Social sites
  • Very similar to having an actual hosted WordPress website. This makes it a great platform to graduate from when you decide that you want to continue blogging or monetize your website,

Now the disadvantages of WordPress.

  • WordPress.com does not allow monetizing on their sub domains but this is not allowed on most Web 2.0’s.
  • They post adds on your blog
  • It is one of the harder Web s.0 platforms to initially learn.
  • Can not edit CSS without upgrading to a paid account
  • Plugin are only available on the paid plan



Blogger advantages:

  • Very simple platform to use
  • It is owned by Google so it gets indexed quickly and frequently
  • You can edit the CSS for free
  • 29 different widgets to use to customize your appearance

Blogger Disadvantages:

  • Very limited template selection – only 5 or six different templates in multiple colors
  • Sites do not look like a real website- maybe one from the 1990’s

So which platform?

It is really a tough one to pick. If I were only blogging then I would go with Blogger hands down. It allows you to easily make posts add pictures and just blog. But if I wanted it to look professional and/or I was considering moving to a custom website or blog, I would go with WordPress. WordPress’s free platform will get you accustom to their CMS on hosted domains.