We are moving!

Our Takeoff as we are flying to California to look at new houses

Well after 15 years in Michigan I am moving back to my home state of California!

I moved to Ann Arbor in the early 2000’s as a student at the University of Michigan. In my senior year, I met my husband who was attending college there. After graduation, I moved in with him and 2 years later we got married. That almost seems like a lifetime ago. After 13 years of marriage and 2 beautiful children later we are leaving the state I had called home for so long. I am originally from San Diego and have always wanted to return. Until recently that wasn’t an option until my husband was offered a promotion in Escondido. I have a lot of family living in the area and  I am excited to be moving closer and reuniting with them. Although, I will miss all the friends and family I have here in Michigan. The one thing I will not miss is the cold…..

I plan to continue my business after we get settled. I have earned a lot of local clients that I have built solid relationships with. I am sure they will continue to use my services after I relocate. I work from home and my goods are shipped and my services are mostly digital anyway. I also look forward to growing my business in our new location and meeting new customers.

Sticker Shock

My husband and I wanted to buy a home in California. We knew the prices of the homes were much higher than in Michigan we figured we could do it.  My family referred us to a great agent, Micheal Marchena. He is a Murrietta real estate agent but works with clients all over southern California. He has experience with long distance clients, which was awesome. My cousin had used him when they purchased their home and they loved him. So we contacted him about homes in San Diego. We told him our price range and he said that for our price range wasn’t going to buy much if anything in San Diego County. Mike sent us a few listings that were in our price range, but they were super small and rundown.  They were all townhouses or condos and Mike said they were not in the best areas. He suggested if we want a single home we should consider looking a bit farther north in the Temecula/Murrieta. He knew the area well because he lived there and the homes were going to much more affordable and in great neighborhoods. Mike sent us a ton of listing to look at online. We were planning to make a trip to look at homes and he knew we would not be able to see all of them on our trip.

House Hunting Trip

We flew out on September 2nd and stayed at my parent’s home in La Jolla. We already had the next day planned to look at homes. My husband and I knew we needed to find something this week and we had over 30 homes on our list. It was looking like a crazy week ahead.

We left the kids at my parents so we could focus on seeing as many homes as we could. We meet with Mike in the morning in Temecula. The area was beautiful and was much more developed than I had remembered it from 15 years ago. We looked at several homes but found nothing that we liked until the end of the day. We found a one story home with a pool that we just fell in love with. We told Mike we wanted to make an offer. The home was near the upper limit of our budget. When Mike advised us to off more than the asking price we didn’t know what to do. He told us that most of the homes are going for over list and that the house would appraise for the amount he was suggesting. With the financing, we were using (FHA) this was the best bet to get the home.  We made the offer he suggested.

The wait!

Later that evening, Mike called he said that the seller had another offer that matched ours but with a conventional loan. The seller was going to take the other offer. Mike said that if we were to offer a bit more we might have a shot at changing their minds., so we offered $5,000 more. We were now above what we had wanted to spend and at the very maximum of our budget. A few hours later we got the call. They agree to sell the home to us if we offered $5,000 more. We wanted it and took us to our max budget so went for it. In what seemed like forever (really only an hour) we got the call. the home was ours.

Real Estate Photo Courtesy of Oh Snap Media


Moving westward

After our house hunting excursion, we had to fly back to Michigan and pack up for the move west to California. Luckily my husband’s company was paying to move us. It was nice to not have to pack or load anything. We still had to make closing on our new home in California before the end of the month so we were on the phone with Mike and our finance guy, Cody. On September 26th the moving guys came to load up all of our stuff to be trucked to California. They took great care packing and loading all of our worldly belonging except a few suitcases of closes and personal items. By late afternoon the house was empty. Our landlord came over around 3 to do a walk through and collect the key before we headed off to the airport. We drive into Detroit to catch our 8 PM flight to San Diego. This was it our last days as Michigander’s.

First day in California

We landed in California a little before 10 PM but we didn’t get out of the airport until almost 11 pm. It took a long time for our luggage to be ready. My dad was waiting for us and we headed to my parent for the night. The next day we would be closing on our new home.

Friday morning we met with Mike to close on our new home. It wasn’t that difficult, other than signing what seemed like a million forms. But afterward, we were homeowners. I was so excited as this was our first home and it was a 4 bedroom so there were room for both of our kids and a guest room for my in-laws when they come to visit.


The moving truck showed up on Monday and we are getting settled in our new home. The girls are enrolled in their new schools and are excited about meeting new friends


For me. its time to get unpacked and get back to business,