Inspiration: How NOT to design a website

Terrible Website

One of my favorite sources of “inspiration” is Vince Flanders’ Web Pages That Suck — a wonderful compendium of, well, what it says.

It’s more than just a compendium, though, because Vince, who coined the term “mystery meat navigation,” actually analyzes what makes each site so bad. Using real live websites as examples he points out myriad ways that navigation, accessibility, and overall design can be improved.

Some of the sites he highlights make better (or should I say worse?) examples than others. As a designer myself, I am not so interested in the mom-and-pop shops with ten-year-old homemade websites. But I find it absolutely fascinating that many of the “daily suckers” are websites from large companies who must have spent thousands of dollars on supposedly cutting-edge flash sites that turn out to be nightmares of accessibility.