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Weblogs, or blogs, are personal websites that typically take the form of a journal or diary. Blogger and other companies offer free blog hosting with standard templates, or “skins.” I can customize the standard template to create a unique look that complements your blog’s style and content. Please visit my FAQs page if you are interested in a new look for your blog.





It was a fun challenge to combine the various elements (ferrets, dogs, fish, toddlers) into a cohesive design. I particularly love the blue background.


The author of this blog teaches a college course in human sexuality, and she wanted her design to reflect the subject matter: sassy, yet tasteful. This was quite a challenge, and a lot of fun!


I thought this photo of a card catalog was perfect for a blogger who loves books and libraries.


Seven sisters share this blog. How cool is that?


Aren’t those magnolia trees gorgeous?