3 Free Photo Editors

Photo editing
There are are hundred if not thousands of free photo editing apps available for mobile devices. These work great for social media sharing but so well for blogging and commercial work. I reall do not know anyone that updates their website from mobile. I have tried and it does not work out so well. For myself i have been using Photoshop for years and love it. The major draw back is the cost and the amount of time that it takes to learn. Now in the commercial setting there isn’t any thing that beats Photoshop.For most small business owner that run their own website or bloggers you can not really justify the expense or the need for professional software when there are free options that work as well. Here are a few great things about these free editing tools:
  • Cost – free
  • Ease of use – most of the editors are similar in functionality
  • Readily available app version
  • Quality of edits


1. Befunky


Befunky home page screen shot a photo editing weviteOne of the most popular photo editors for desktop – BeFunky — It has one of the most friendly interfaces of all the photo editors I looked at. BeFunky gives Photoshop a run for is money when it comes to features. One nice feature is the ability to directly upload images directly to Flickr, Facebook, and so forth. You can add a cute frame, a text layer,  and even convert your photo to sepia and other tones! BeFunky is perfect for scrap booking, making cards, family photo albums, social media posts and banners as well as blog images.





2. Fotor


FotorFotor Photo editor Home page screen chote has more features than Befunky. Fotor allows you  to create almost any image related project you can think of. In addition to the basic photo editing hey offer marketing,banner, social media banners and post templates and more. This really a great desktop tool to build out images for your social media images, marketing materials. These tools are available for desktop and mobile devices. This gives you the ability to make professional images for you blog and website and also be able to post while you are on the go with the mobile app.



3. The best for last, Canva!!

Canva has all the bells and whistles and then some! Now, this isn’t just a photo editor like the other two, but more of a design suite. They do have a photo editor in their offering, but that was not the most impressive of the tools they had to offer. These tools really simplify making custom images for social banners, Youtube covers, and much more.

I recently used Canva to create an infographic for one of my sites and it worked great. It was the first time I had a chance to use their tool. I have been hearing great things about them on other blogs and forums. It did take a little bit to get familiar with the controls, menus and all the options. But once I did the infographic was far superior to other tools I had used in the past.

Canva offers some really great free tools for creating graphics. I have not had much time to test out their other tools because there are just more than I have a need for. But I am sure there are others that have been looking for free the free tools that they are offering. There was one feature that I thought pretty unique and that was their presentation tool. There are a lot of free tools available at Canva and I encourage you to check them out.


In conclusion

These tools will never replace Photoshop for my professional work. It is not that these tools don’t work as well in most applications but I have been using Photoshop for so long it has become my go to tool. If I was new to photo editing I doubt that I would ever pay for an editor with these great free program available. Now there are also paid versions of BeFunky, Fotor and Canva is you ever need more features than the free version. I have not tried the pro versions of any of these editors but they are far less expensive than buying Photoshop.

If you are starting out I would suggest trying one of these free tool. More than likely once you find the one you like you will stick with it. Of course if you have the coin to spend and the time to learn Photoshop it is not a bad choice either.